Innovative Technology “Foam Inside”

Energy efficiency is one of the key parameters in designing new buildings and renovating old ones. As we know, the windows are one of the weakest points of the wall. By correct use of glass, which positively influences the thermal balance of the building, we can see that windows will often reduce the amount of energy needed for heating rooms.

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Aluskin - customise your windows

Aluminium Aluskin system overlays allow you to create your own, unique PVC windows.

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Accessories and extras

All Ekoplast windows have the standard features, like crank-opening, a specific pane package etc. We offer a broad range of extras and accessories, where you can find everything to suit your needs. From fittings and anti-burglary protection through panes, seals and ventilators.

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Ekoplast windows

All PVC windows in our range are characterised by interesting stylistics, which will suit well for both classic and modern interiors. A broad choice of different PVC profiles will not only allow you to customise the technical parameters, but also the aesthetics of the window. We offer a broad choice of colours, depending on the profile – up to 21 colours.

We encourage you to see our offer. We are certain that Ekoplast windows will fully meet all your expectations.

Custom windows

We can manufacture windows of every size, shape and colour, according to your order: round, triangular, trapezoidal, as well as renovation windows, matching any historical building.

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We perform three types of installation: raw state installation, full installation and, for energy-saving windows, warm installation. Our employees are experienced experts, thanks to whom the installation is performed according to the best standards in the industry and with high-quality materials and tools.

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EKOPLAST S.A. implements a project co-financed from European Funds