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Professional and safe window installation

A bad installation of windows can lead to thermal bridges, or even to deformation or cracking of profiles. A correct installation of PCV windows, or any other windows, can guarantee they are perfectly fitted with the wall. Our installation crews are experienced professionals, open to constant development and self-improvement. They guarantee that the works are conducted according to the highest standards in the industry. The have the best-quality materials and tools at their disposal. They will perform professional measurements, listen to the client’s requests and preferences, advise and schedule the works.

They will properly secure the room before commencing the installation or replacement of windows and clean up the workplace after completing the service. They will instruct you on how to use and maintain the windows so that their function and looks do not deteriorate over the years. They can provide information regarding the rights resulting from the warranty on your product.

We perform three types of installation: raw state installation, full installation and, for energy-saving windows, warm installation. The latter is comprised of three installation layers: internal, external and intermediate. This installation will eliminate thermal bridges. You can read more about the warm installation in our Advice section.
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