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Carefully chosen panes can greatly reduce heat losses during winter, heat gain during summer, costs of energy and improve security, provide protection against excessive amount of sun and partial protection against prefading.

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Our range includes various types of anti-burglary elements: handles with blockades or locks and modern solutions, such as Secustic handles from Hoppe.

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Window seals

Not everyone knows, that the sealing system not only protects against heat loss and humidity transfer, but can also greatly influence the aesthetics of a window. You can choose between two colours, black and ashen, where the latter is strongly recommended for white windows.

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Ventilators are particularly recommended for energy-saving windows. Their installation is easy (installation of a ventilator does not require drilling or milling), just as their maintenance. They maintain a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. They are mounted in rooms or in a kitchen, and the air is flowing therefrom through the whole flat to rooms provided with ventilation ducts.

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