ACRYLCOLOR – A unique surface

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Modern windows are produced in the most modern technology of co-extrusion of acrylic, ie application of colored material to the external surface. Profiles made in acrylic-color co-extrusion technology, i.e. applying from the outside the material dyed in bulk.

Acrylic glass with an external layer of windows Acrylkolor is a material that has high resistance to impacts and scratches. It is an effective barrier against bad weather conditions, such as sunlight or hail, while at the same time giving the windows a modern look.

View of the window surfaces under the microscope after 10 years




PVC Window

ACRYLCOLOR – A unique surface

The windows made in acrylcolor technology have an additional protective coating made of acrylic glass on the outside, which on the one hand is an effective barrier to external factors such as sun, hail or mechanical action and on the other hand gives the windows a beautiful appearance. In the event of unforeseen problems with surface damage, such as scratches, they are almost invisible and very easy to eliminate.

The acrylcolor windows also have the highest color fastness. Over time, their color shade remains the same. Even with the successive exchange of windows and doors in a building over several years, the risk of color differences is completely eliminated. The durability of colors is ensured by the aforementioned acrylic glass coating that transmits the sun’s rays. Most of the sunrays that penetrate the acrylic glass layer are reflected by white PVC. Thanks to this, acrylcolor windows retain their color throughout their lifetime and the window heating effect is minimized.

The most important distinguishing features


The Acrylcolor coating is about 0.5 mm thicker than the usual layer.


A durable combination of acrylcolor and PVC as opposed to traditional colored windows.

Metallic color

To get the aluminum window look, you can choose the metalized option.

Resistance to UV radiation

Increased resistance to sunlight helps to keep the shape and colors of the window intact.


Acrylcolor windows are extremely easy to use. The smooth surface of the windows makes them insensitive to dust.


In case of scratches, the layer of acrylic glass makes it easier to restore the perfect look of the window.

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