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Windows just the way you need them

Customised windows are a great choice for owners of unusual houses and buildings. We offer PVC windows in modern shapes, based on all types of profiles within our range.

Any shape and size

We can manufacture windows of every size, shape and colour, according to your order: round, triangular, trapezoidal, as well as renovation windows, matching any historical building. You are looking for blue windows? Wood-colour windows? Unusual fitting? We are open to new ideas and orders.

Our solutions can highlight the uniqueness of your building and at the same time meet the highest quality standards required for modern windows. We care about comfort of use: comfortable opening, easy adjustment, resistance to strain caused by atmospheric conditions.

See our realisations

Historic window profiles:

We offer individual ranges of profiles and decorative elements to highlight unique character of historic buildings and stylisation of old windows. We create harmonious shapes to maintain the proportions of solutions existing in all architectonic objects. We can help you in window renovation, preserve the style and looks of the original building.
New Historic profile series can be used with all PVC window profiles, where the front face is 60 mm wide. Mounting latches for decorative profiles guarantee easy and precise mounting of particular elements.



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