PVC exterior doors

PVC doors with fillers are the most cost-optimal choice among doors with fillers. They are also an alternative for less-demanding clients, looking for high-quality materials at a reasonable price. PVC allows for forming many patterns – grooves, frames or other elements, which will aesthetically improve every house.

A broad range of optimal cost solutions with excellent technical parameters
UG ≥ 0.72 W/m2K

PVC doors with HPL fillers

HPL door fillers constitute two resin panels, where their greatest advantage is their reliability, great mechanical damage resistance and low thermal expansion. HPL fillers can be used in extreme use conditions, such as in public spaces, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and houses. Everywhere, where a high-quality product, modern design and reasonable price are necessary.

The best price-quality ratio, highly resistant, modern patterns.
UG ≥ 0.72 W/m2K


Aluminium doors are the best choice and investment if we care for the viability, resistance and reliability of materials. Aluminium doors feature excellent insulating and acoustic properties. No other material can offer this many colour and pattern variations. Thanks to a broad range of colours and scaleboards, aluminium fillers allow for finding an easy match with PVC, aluminium or wooden windows.


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