Window seals

Our windows feature highest-quality EPDM seals. They are made of synthetic gum (ethylene propylene terpolymer), which is a polymer resistant to any atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, temperature changes and UV radiation. They are characterised by their significant plasticity, which allows them to be restored back to their initial state after deformation.

Sealing can influence the characteristics of the windows system, such as: water- and air-tightness, heat transfer coefficient, acoustic insulation, resistance to mechanical wear caused by opening and closing.

Decorative element

Not everyone knows, that the sealing system not only protects against heat loss and humidity transfer, but can also greatly influence the aesthetics of a window. You can choose between two colours, black and ashen, where the latter is strongly recommended for white windows. We also offer three types of glazing beads: rondo, softline and historic. You can choose them according to your individual liking, preferences and the features of the building and rooms.