Facade blinds, a simple form, a new shape.

Facade blinds are an innovative, elegant solution, emphasizing the advantages of buildings with a large glazing area from the outside. It gives the buildings a modern, industrial look and character. Their simple, economical form is able to completely change the architectural shape of the building.

Facade blinds protect against UV radiation, stop sunlight from entering the interior. Effectively protect the room from heating, allowing to maintain a pleasant temperature and the optimal degree of darkness of the room, thanks to the free adjustment of the angle of the slats.

Easy assembly, smooth adjustment
They are characterized by light construction and ease of assembly. They are fixed on the outside, on the facade of the building next to the window openings. Blinds can be completely hidden in the cassette, lowered to any position, optimal for the time of day, year and weather conditions. They have additional control of the tilting angle planes.

The facade shutter slats are flat, movable strips of aluminum tape, 0.42 mm thick. They are coated with special varnish coatings, resistant to weather conditions and mechanical interactions during the operation of the slats. The regulation of façade blinds is smooth and their work is silent. The design and finishing of guide rails, cover sheets and fixing elements ensures stability and durability for the system. The high quality of all components makes the blinds a solution for many years, resistant to external factors. The offer includes various shapes and colors, the choice of drive and the use of weather automation. The blinds are available in two slatted shapes: similar to the letter C, 80 mm wide and similar to the Z letter, 90 mm wide.

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