PVC handles

are a small, but extremely important part of window systems. The everyday comfort of use is largely dependent on them. Well-chosen handles are also a decorative element. If they are provided with proper security systems, they can be an additional anti-burglary protection.

Our range includes various types of anti-burglary elements: handles with blockades or locks and modern solutions, such as Secustic handles from Hoppe. Patent protected blocking mechanism increase the window protection against attempted burglaries from the outside (attempts of moving the fitting by an object inserted from the outside between the wing and the frame of the window). A characteristic feature of the handles is their unique sound, that the Secustik mechanism makes while the handle is being turned. Additionally, the range features clasps, which ensure proper bolting of both top and bottom part of the window. These modern systems are provided with mushroom plugs, which automatically adjust to the clearance.

Mountain white

Natural aluminium

Steel aluminium

Dark brown

Brown aluminium

Gold aluminium

Aluminium handles

PSK 200Z
PSK with Key

Fitting and anti-burglary elements

The fittings of window systems have several functions. They influence e.g. maintaining the proper air and humidity exchange rates. They also are the most important protection against breaking the windows down. Our systems are guaranteed to have the proper level of safety thanks to MACO Multi-trend company solutions. They are one of the best manufacturers on the market. The fittings used in Ekoplast windows feature an ease of development of additional anti-burglary elements. We can also offer special solutions for unique window structures and shapes.

Our range also features other accessories, such as balcony clasps (protection against self-shutting and hitting the door-frame) or gradual opening of windows and balcony doors (system provided with protective measures against forcing the window open when crack-opened).

Windowsills – smart look for PVC windows

Internal windowsills often serve as an additional shelf for flowers, books, other souvenirs and decorations. We can distinguish: windowsills made of top-quality, multi-chamber PVC or MDF, marble windowsills and renovation models. The PVC scaleboard is humidity-resistant and easy to clean. It does not go yellow under UV radiation. Windowsills manufactured in this way feature a chambered cross-section, which makes their whole structure stiff. The windowsills made of MDF panels perfectly integrate with traditional and modern finishing materials. Their smooth surface is easy to clean. Both PVC and MDF windowsills are available in multiple colours and textures. Marble windowsills often are a decorative element. Their polished surface maintains their shine for a long time. They are aesthetic and durable. A broad range of marble windowsills – individual variants available in the gallery.

… Smart look from the outside

External windowsills can be made of steel or aluminium. They are designed to be installed to PVC, wooden or aluminium windows. Properly mounted windowsills protect the building elevation and drain water. They feature optimal durability, resistance to corrosion and non-flammability. They are also resistant to detergents and the chemicals they contain. Colour and finishing of the windowsills can be customised according to individual needs and the character of the building.

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