Maximum beauty. Design minimal.

That’s the easiest way to describe the latest series of PVC windows in our product range. Modern LINEAR windows combine 3 timeless features: minimalism, simplicity and modernity. The simple, slender shapes of the window profiles perfectly match modern trends in design, architecture and construction. The third gasket and multi-chamber development ensure excellent technical parameters, which are so important for windows in the segment with a depth of only 74 mm. All this confirms the versatility of Modern LINEAR windows.

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What distinguishes Modern Linear windows?

Simple and beautiful shapes

This latest series of PVC windows, manufactured on the German Gealan LINEAR® profiles, is above all characterised by its very simple contours. Their elegance comes from both the profile structure and the rebates and glazing beads. The rebate angle is only 4° and the glazing beads have a 90° angle – all this makes the window frame very slim and slender. These features make Modern Linear windows look like very modern aluminium windows. The multi-chamber structure of the profiles ensures a high level of security, excellent acoustic properties and thermal insulation.

Big glazing & low window height

Only 110 mm – the height of the frame and sash. The whole window has an incredibly light appearance thanks to the reduced sash and frame profile height. The large glazing allows plenty of natural light into the room. The possibility of large glazing (both windows, entrance doors and French windows) offers enormous design possibilities. Combining Modern Linear with STV® static dry bonding technology gives this system a wide range of applications. Modern Linear is a unique window, ideal for modern residential, office and commercial buildings.

Window design

Modern Linear fits in perfectly with current trends in architecture. Delicate, minimalist shapes, simplicity of construction, an impression of lightness. Buildings with large windows, soft window colours and a modern loft style – this new window profile system from Gealan already has its supporters. The Modern Linear line meets the high expectations of private and commercial investors, as it is visually reminiscent of aluminium windows.


The third central gasket has a positive effect on the effective blocking of heat flow. It also makes your windows more safer.


Simple contours add character. A wide range of glazing beads with a 90° appearance make Modern LINEAR windows a unique design. This minimalist design is a landmark in modern architecture.


The low bending height of the frame and sash allows large and effective glazing. This increases the amount of light entering the room. Combined with other advantages, we simply achieve the ultimate window beauty!


Expressive like never before! The 4° rebate alone gives the window a unique timeless simplicity.

More benefits of MODERN LINEAR

Outstanding performance

Increased security (5 chambers in the sash and 6 in the frame), excellent acoustic and thermal insulation (3rd gasket, Uf up to 1.0 W/(m²K)).

Large glazed surfaces

STV® glazing – the innovative static glazing technology (optional).


Aesthetically pleasing PVC windows, similar in appearance to aluminium joinery, manufactured using V-Perfect technology.

A sense of ease

Minimalist finishes and large windows create a very light feel. They blend in perfectly with the interior.

Narrow frames

With a profile depth of just 74 mm, the range is extremely versatile.

Simple shapes

Simple, modern profiles with distinctive contours, 4° rebated, almost 90° glazing bead.

  • 3 seals

  • 5 chambers in the sash

  • 6 chambers in the frame

  • frame depth - 74 mm only

  • slim, elegant profiles

  • recycled core

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